Les visages de Paris

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Why Paris ?

At innerFrench, we love topics that combat clichés.

We’re the first to say that French isn’t just about France, and France isn’t just about Paris.

So why did we choose Paris as the theme for our advanced course?

Every year, the French capital is one of the top 3 most-visited cities in the world.

But beyond the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Montmartre, few tourists know the reality of Parisian life.

These questions are as fascinating as they are complex.

They touch on a variety of fields, from history to urban planning to sociology.

That’s why it’s the perfect subject for an advanced French course!

Luis USA
Luis, United States

“Never before have I learned so much about Parisian culture, history, and the educational and social disparities between neighborhoods, not to mention the wealth of vocabulary I’ve acquired. I consider this course to be the best I’ve taken to date.

Fascinating discussions
with experts and locals

To answer these questions, Hugo and Ingrid interviewed several experts: an architect, a historian, a theater director, a pro-bike activist, a junior high school teacher and an urban planner.

They also asked Parisians what they think of their city.

The result?

Authentic, captivating conversations that use a rich vocabulary from both formal and colloquial French.

Thanks to the course’s interactive quizzes, you’ll be able to test your understanding and learn lots of new expressions.

These are exactly the kind of activities you’d find on a C1 exam!

Dorota Pologne
Dorota, Poland

“Not only have I enriched my vocabulary and my knowledge of French, but I’ve also learned a lot of new things about life in the capital of fashion and inequality – I discovered other faces of Paris that I didn’t know! I really enjoyed the walks through the streets of Paris and its suburbs and the interviews with experts – really, really interesting. Each lesson is full of information, expressions and explanations.

Your teachers



I started teaching French in 2015 at the French Institute in Warsaw, Poland, then online with the Podcast, YouTube channel and innerFrench courses.

I’m a proponent of Professor Stephen Krashen’s theory of natural language acquisition.

In other words, I believe that the most important thing for learning French is to have access to captivating content adapted to your level.



After my studies, I started my career as a journalist in Paris. But in 2017, I got bitten by the travel bug and decided to move to South America.

I settled in Peru where I became a teacher of French as a foreign language while still writing articles for French medias.

I joined innerFrench in 2020 to take part in the podcast and  help our advanced students.

Trevor UK
Trevor, UK

“After completing the intermediate courses, I decided to enroll in the advanced course. The course is difficult but well worth it. I have progressed a lot thanks to Hugo and Ingrid’s efforts, not only improving my understanding of French to a new level, but also learning new things about Paris. I highly recommend this course.”

What about grammar?

To create Les visages de Paris, we took the opposite approach to traditional courses (writing phony dialogues whose sole purpose is to illustrate a grammar rule).

Because let’s face it, what we call “advanced grammar” is usually a set of obscure rules that even native French speakers haven’t mastered.

So before recording our interviews, we had no idea which grammar points we were going to present in the course.

We decided that the most important thing was to have good “raw material”: rich and authentic conversations.

Then we analyzed this raw material to look for elements of syntax that advanced learners still find difficult.

At the end of each interview, you’ll find a short lesson explaining these subtleties and nuances of French.

Some examples of what we'll cover

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Daniela, Italy

Although I have a B2/C1 level in French, I had no intention of enrolling at first, as I was afraid it would be too difficult. Now that I’ve finished it, I’m happy to say that I found it exceptional! The grammar lessons are always well done and easy to understand.

This course is for you if...

You’ve completed the “Raconte ton histoire” course. It’s not mandatory, but we strongly recommend it.

You have a B2 or C1 level and want to improve your listening comprehension and enrich your vocabulary.

This course isn't for you if...

You don’t have a B2 level yet. In this case, we recommend you start with one of our intermediate courses.

Your main goal is to practice conversation (there are no live lessons with teachers in the course).

Frequently asked questions

You can start the course immediately or later. innerFrench teachers are always on hand to answer your questions.

No, you’ll have unlimited access to the course and can even repeat it several times if you wish.

Our courses offer a more structured approach with clear progression, interactive activities and the support of innerFrench teachers.

Minimum B2 level (advanced intermediate).

No, the course is entirely in French.

You have 30 days to try the course and request a refund if you don’t like it.

You can follow the course on computer, tablet or smartphone as long as you have an internet connection. But for the best experience, we recommend using a computer or tablet.

No, the lessons are recorded and there are no lessons on Zoom or similar. But you can ask Hugo or Ingrid any questions you may have in the lesson comments or by email.

Tori USA
Tori, USA

Having lived in Paris for a while, I can honestly say I learned more from this course than my time there. If you are strongly intermediate and looking to get to the next level, you MUST take this course. There is just so little out there for intermediate to advanced learners. Especially for advanced learners you are often just dropped into “french content for native speakers” which is of course a good challenge but sometimes you need a minute to ask some questions, get some background and understand how to really speak and understand current, native French. I really feel I have improved my level or at the very least I have more confidence in my abilities, which is half the battle!”


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"What I really like about this course is that you can learn French while broadening your point of view. All the interviews are really interesting."
"This advanced, in-depth course is truly dazzling. Hugo and his team filmed several fascinating interviews with experts on various subjects concerning Paris and its suburbs, as well as short interviews with pedestrians in the street. There are also quizzes (on comprehension and vocabulary) and videos on grammar. The subject matter is a little complicated, but at the same time intriguing and understandable. That makes it all worthwhile!"
"Thank you for creating a wonderful program for the C1 level! It's fun, interactive and perfect for improving one’s comprehension of the French language."
"The course offers invaluable benefits beyond improving one’s French listening and writing skills. It explores French culture, delves into its rich past and talks about how it is moving towards an ecological society by adapting to global warming and population growth."
"I don't usually watch videos more than once, but as with "Raconte ton histoire", "Les Visages de Paris" pushed me to do so. Understanding spoken French was very difficult, but I learned a lot!"
"The course allowed me to practice my French by listening to dialogues at normal speed. At the same time, I learned a lot about Paris and its surroundings, which was not at all conventional, thanks to the interesting people in the interviews."
"The course really improved my understanding and motivation! If you're looking for a course to get to the next level, do it!"
"It’s the perfect course to improve your French and a very interesting introduction to the Paris tourists don't see."
"Wow, the course was challenging but very interesting and beneficial!"
"I’ve finally learned what PARIS is! The course is super interesting and excellent for improving your French."
"This course teaches us a great deal about certain socio-economic and cultural aspects of Paris and its suburbs that we often miss during our visits as tourists. We can also enrich our vocabulary and learn new French expressions through discussions with experts in various fields."
T. R.
"I'd recommend the course to anyone who wants to get to know Paris in a more authentic way, beyond the monuments and tourist sites. Everything was informative and great."
"I enjoyed learning so much about Paris and its arrondissements, cultural life in the suburbs, Paris architecture, climate issues, demographics and social problems etc."
"If you want to get off the beaten track and look at Paris and its inhabitants in a different, deeper way, I highly recommend this course!"
"I found this course extremely interesting. I didn't expect all the things I learned. There were lots of very special interviews. I think I'll do the course again in 6 months' time because there are lots of little tips that are very useful."
"Hugo's latest course is, as usual, full of very interesting and useful information for getting to know today's Paris! I enjoyed all the lessons. The people who tell us about Paris are varied and perfectly chosen. The course helped me to advance my level in a very enjoyable and rewarding way."
Czech Republic
"What I liked about "Les Visages de Paris" was the mix of interviews with experts on the one hand and people on the street on the other. This way, you're exposed to a wide range of French on many different subjects."
"As with Hugo's other courses, I improved my comprehension and enriched my vocabulary. It was an experience I highly recommend!"
"The course was really effective in raising my level of French and the process was interesting and entertaining at the same time. It gave me a new understanding of the different faces of Paris and it also made me want to visit this city. I highly recommend it!"
"I'd been to Paris several times before, but thanks to the course I've got a better understanding of the "other side" of the city, and I can't wait to visit it again."
"This course was an eye-opener! It offers a behind-the-scenes look at Paris, beyond the tourist attractions. The perspectives of the interviewees are rich and instructive. A unique experience!"
"The course is of great quality and interest. You forget that it's a French exercise and instead focus on the topics. It helped me learn with pleasure, without stress and efficiently."
"The course is meticulously compiled and offers a unique way to explore the city, meet its residents, and immerse yourself in the language with clear and concise grammar lessons."
"The course was very stimulating and instructive, not only in terms of French, but also the lessons regarding the city of Paris. Highly recommended!"
"Just about the ideal course for anyone who needs to combine French learning with really interesting content. And as a bonus, you can feel proud of yourself for having understood all those authentic conversations!"
"The course is quite demanding, but not to the point of discouraging you. It consists of very interesting, sometimes revealing interviews, followed by quizzes that made me realize how much I still have to learn: vocabulary, grammar, expressions, nuances, etc. It was hard to tear myself away from it, and I'm already missing it. I intend to watch the videos more than once, just for fun!"
"The course was excellent. It was a real challenge and I learned a lot about Paris. I think this type of course with interesting topics and grammar points and new vocabulary works very well for me. It makes learning fun and inspires me."
"In the course, you learn about the city's successes (like the bike lanes) and failures (inequalities), always while practicing the language."
"I really enjoyed the choice of topics and speakers. The length of the chapters was just right."

Learning French is a fantastic adventure!

But it’s also a long journey that can feel overwhelming sometimes.

This course will give you the support and extra dose of motivation you need to reach the C1 level.

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