Tutorial – How to organize a meeting on Zoom

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In order to organize meetings on Zoom, you need to create an account here: https://zoom.us/

1) Click on the orange button in the upper right corner: “Sign up, it’s free.

2) Now that you have an account, you are ready to organize a meeting!

Click on Schedule a meeting” button at the top of the page.

3) Now you can enter the details about your meeting (topic, date, description etc.)

Important: remember that for meetings with 3 or more people, the time is limited to 40 minutes (you’ll see a timer during the meeting).

4) You can leave the meeting ID settings as they are.

5) To be able to talk to the other participants via video, you must mark this option as active. You can also activate other options, such as: “Allow participants to join any time

6) Finally, click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

7) Now you need to copy the invitation link and paste it in the student group here: Calendrier des meetups BSC in the “Lien / URL”

8) To start the meeting, you can either click on the link you pasted in the calendar in the student group, or go to “Meetings” on your account and click on the “Start” button (you have to hover the cursor over the meeting name to see this option).

9) To find more information about Zoom, you can scroll down the page and watch the video tutorials or consult the knowledge base.

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