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Raconte ton histoire

Learn to finally understand French people
and tell them your story!

Why do they speak
so fast?!

You’ve been learning French for years.

Now you are able to understand the innerFrench podcast and videos without too much trouble.

But whenever you watch a French movie or hear a conversation between French people, you feel like a beginner again.

It almost seems like they speak a completely different language from the one you’re trying to learn.

They merge random words together, they use idioms you’ve never heard, and they invent new slang everyday.

But the biggest obstacle, of course, is that they speak way too fast!

Did you spend all this time learning French for nothing?

How can you have a pleasant conversation if you’re constantly afraid of not understanding what French people are saying?

The real problem

Trust me: it has nothing to do with French.

Anyone who’s ever learned a foreign language has been through this.

I’ve experienced all these mental blocks myself hundreds of times in English, Spanish and Polish! 

I know how frustrating and demotivating they can be.

Luckily for us, the solution is quite simple: you just need (a lot) more practice!

But here comes the real problem: there is very little content that can provide you with this type of training.

Most French courses are either a long list of grammar lessons, or awkward scripted dialogues that you would never hear in France. 

And even if your French-speaking friends are very patient, you probably don’t want to stop them every 10 seconds to ask them to explain a phrase you didn’t get.

In this course, you can!

How this course will help you


Get Exposed to Real-Life Conversations in a Stress-Free Atmosphere


Learn Informal French and Useful Daily Phrases in Context


Master Past Tenses, Conditional and Hypothesis

Your teachers

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I started teaching French in 2015 at the French Institute in Warsaw, Poland, and then online through the innerFrench Podcast and YouTube channel.

To help learners overcome the intermediate plateau, I then created the ‘Build a Strong Core‘ and ‘Raconte ton histoire‘ courses.

By working with thousands of students from all over the world, I have discovered which methods work best. I am constantly improving my courses to provide the best lessons possible!



After my studies, I started my career as a journalist in Paris. But in 2017, I got bitten by the travel bug so I decided to move to South America.

I settled in Peru, where I became a teacher of French as a foreign language while still writing articles for French medias.

At the end of 2020, I joined the innerFrench team to create content for the podcast and YouTube channel while also helping students from the ‘Raconte ton histoire‘ course!

😄 Real-life conversations with a smile

In ‘Raconte ton histoire‘, I’ll introduce you to four of my best friends. They agreed to share some personal experiences and important moments from their lives.

You’ll learn to understand them thanks to a step-by-step method:

  1. Watch the conversation a first time to get discover the topic
  2. Watch it again while answering a comprehension quiz to understand the tricky parts
  3.  Watch it another time while doing a vocabulary quiz to learn new words in context
  4. Watch a behind-the-scenes video where I dissect the conversation to show the differences between formal and informal French, and explain cultural references.

By following this method, you’ll get an amazing training for your ear without getting bored!

Niels, United States

The interviews were a lot of fun to watch! Hugo’s friends seemed like very interesting people with lots to talk about, I was genuinely excited each time I got to another lesson and could watch another interview. 

I listen to a lot of podcasts and YouTube videos in French but almost never more than once, so having to do so with the quizzes really helped impress on me how useful that can be. If only all the French media I consume came with quizzes like Hugo’s…”

Rebecca, New Zealand

I’m usually such a procrastinator, but this is a course I didn’t have to force myself to do! That’s because the lessons, topics, challenge level and especially how personal it feels made it a real pleasure. I moved to France with extremely basic French and this course (after also many podcasts!!) have given not only my French level, but my motivation and confidence, the boost it needed.

🌱Acquire vocabulary

You won’t understand French people until you know enough words

The most efficient way to increase your vocabulary is by learning phrases in context

In the interviews, we’ll focus on informal French and daily phrases

But the course also contains fascinating stories about France and French society to enrich your general vocabulary and learn some captivating anecdotes.

You don’t even need to have une mémoire d’éléphant [a good memory] to remember these phrases! We’ve done the hard work for you by designing the course around repetition.

You’ll discover a new important word in a lesson, and magically, it’ll come back a few lessons later, and probably a 3rd and 4th time to make sure you never forget it!

Some of the stories we'll cover

Jill, United Kingdom

“I enjoyed the mix of content which is always interesting, but especially the interviews with Hugo’s friends speaking as they do naturally. This was like listening in to real conversations but with friendly support and explanations. It was the perfect way to bridge the gap between artificially constructed dialogues and the pressure of being in a real-life interaction.”

🪁 Actionable grammar lessons

You won’t learn French by memorizing a set of grammar rules and their (endless) list of exceptions.

That’s why in this course,  we’ll  focus on actionable grammar topics that can actually help you better express yourself:

• French learners’ most dreaded question: passé composé or imparfait?

• The different types of hypothesis and how to stop making mistakes with “si”

• How to use the passive form to make your sentences more elegant

+ a lot more!

If you’re struggling with these topics, you’ll find plenty of interactive exercises to practice and build your confidence.

Wenjie, China

The course is very useful for learners like me who already have a B2 level in French. I really appreciated its well-structured lessons and easy-to-use interface. The format and content of the conversations are interesting. The practical exercises are varied and stimulating, making learning French more engaging and dynamic. What’s more, interactive features such as the discussion forum let you get in touch with the whole innerFrench team and other learners.

Cat, United Kingdom

“The mix of different formats (interviews, quizzes, etc.) makes the course always interesting and never tedious.

At first I thought it would be impossible for me to understand Hugo’s friends because they speak so fast, but it has become easier and easier. Now I understand French podcasts and movies better.

Who this course is for

If you’re an intermediate or advanced learner (B1-B2 level on the CEFR scale).

If you can understand Hugo without too much trouble, but you find his interviews with other speakers challenging.

If you’ve already completed Build a Strong Core, then this course will be the perfect next step. If you haven’t, it’s not mandatory but we highly recommend it.

Who this course is NOT for

If you’re a beginner (A1-A2 level on the CEFR scale).

If you recently started listening to the innerFrench podcast or watching our YouTube videos and you find them challenging, we recommend doing the ‘Build a Strong Core‘ course before this one.

If you’re a very advanced learner (C1 or above on the CEFR scale) who can already follow French TV/radio. 

Enroll now
€199 one-time payment

Tara, Australia

“I’m happy to find real, unscripted conversations and no boring stand alone grammar explanations.

Using Hugo’s course has helped me enormously. My understanding of natural spoken French has improved and I often find myself using the language I heard in the course in my own French conversations.

Using the conversations in context and breaking down the expressions and grammar has been the most engaging way to learn.”

Lifetime Access

Use the course for ever + get all the future updates for free

30 Lessons

Fascinating stories and interviews with a sprinkle of grammar

10 Hours
of Video

+ downloadable MP3 files and detailed transcripts

100+ Exercises

From listening comprehension quizzes to phonetic tests

1000+ Vocabulary flashcards

All the course vocabulary in one place (Quizlet) with a Spaced Repetition System and activities to practice.

Alice, Australia

“Like a lot of students, I had been feeling frustrated that despite years of study, I was still floundering when I tried to converse with a French-speaking person or engage with content created for the Francophone world. I’d describe this course as the perfect stepping stone between a classroom and a confident chat.

For me, there are two factors that distinguish it from others: the immersion element and the relevance of content. It’s been so valuable to immerse myself in casual, real French conversation, and be able to listen over and over with Hugo’s insights and guidance.”

Bonus Cheat Sheets


Most frequent questions & answers

Our courses go a lot more in depth than our free content. They are designed to get one big step closer to the advanced level so the lessons are organized with a clear progression, targeted grammar sections and lots of exercises to practice.

The program is designed for upper-intermediate students (between upper B1 and B2 on the CEFR scale). As a rule of thumb, if the innerFrench Videos are at the right level for you or if you’ve already finished the ‘Build a Strong Core‘ course, then this program will be the right level, too.

It’s not mandatory but I highly recommend it, especially if you still find the innerFrench Podcast challenging.

You’ll get access to your first lesson as soon as you sign up. Then you can go through the lessons at your own pace and take as long as you need to complete the program.

Enrollment typically re-opens every 4 months.

The program is entirely in French, just like my podcast and videos. Translations are provided in the transcription for tricky words and expressions, but the lessons and the grammar explanations are in French. I break things down into digestible pieces to make sure you get everything.

As a teacher, my goal is to see my students make actual progress. So if you don’t get results after joining the program, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

You can access the course on your laptop, smartphone or tablet, as long as you have an internet connection.

No, the lessons are recorded and we don’t offer conversation classes. But you can ask us questions under each lesson and quiz of the course or by email.

Leila, Brazil

“When we find ourselves halfway between intermediate and advanced levels, Raconte ton histoire can be a stairway.

I like the way Hugo puts all the information together in a simple and interesting way, not boring at all.

As I was preparing to DELF B2 I found it pretty convenient, because it brings a lot of useful content that can be used in the exam.

Course Curriculum

Contenu Cours

Tout Afficher

1ère partie – Les parcours

2ème partie – Les périodes
3ème partie – Les évènements
4ème partie – Les rêves, regrets et alternatives
"The interviews gave me a sense of real French. With the comprehension tests, comments and related grammar, the work certainly helped me improve my knowledge of the French language."
United States
"The course was fantastic, and I highly recommend it to everyone! I don't think there's anything like it on the internet. It offers an excellent combination of tools to help you improve your French."
United States
"I think there's a good balance between interviews and grammar (this course filled in a lot of the gaps I had left in grammar)! But on top of that, I really enjoyed the videos in which Hugo talks about interesting topics like collapse and uchrony."
United Kingdom
"All the lessons and exercises are excellent. I enrolled in this course to improve my listening and speaking skills. But as a bonus, I improved my grammar! Hugo is a wonderful teacher and storyteller who can teach difficult topics in a simple way. I also love his humor and in-depth analysis of each topic."
United States
"I recommend the ‘Raconte ton histoire’ course. It's a challenge, like any good course, but also a great way to learn French."
"I enjoyed trying to understand the interviews. Excellent ear training."
"I've been learning French for a few years but I still have trouble understanding French conversations sometimes. But this course has helped me to revise grammar that I had forgotten and by listening to interviews several times I'm more comfortable speaking with French people now!"
"I loved it all! The exercises, the interviews, the commentaries... I liked the speed with which Ingrid or Hugo answered my questions in the commentaries. The choice of interview subjects was also very interesting."
"The course provides new vocabulary and expressions. It helps you learn how to speak in everyday situations. The grammar explanations are clear and understandable. I've made enormous progress - it's amazing!"
"The interviews gave me a sense of real French. With the comprehension tests, comments and related grammar, the work certainly helped me improve my knowledge of the French language."
United States
"The conversations were very interesting and excellent training for understanding spoken French. I learned a lot of French vocabulary, grammar, culture and history."
United States
"The course has a good mix of videos on interesting topics, as well as easy-to-understand explanations of vocabulary usage and grammar. I would choose to do it again any time."
"I especially appreciated the good balance between lessons devoted to grammar and those based on listening comprehension and vocabulary learning. I thought it was great that the language spoken in the videos was authentic. I watched them forgetting that I was learning something, and it was far from unpleasant!"
Czech Republic

Learning French is a Fantastic Adventure!

But it’s also a long journey that can feel overwhelming sometimes.

This course will give you the skills to understand French people and the confidence to share your story with them.

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