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Finally overcome
the intermediate plateau

You got this far
but now you're stuck

There’s no denying it: learning a new language can be tough sometimes.

The beginning is usually fun. You just learn ready-made sentences and soon enough, you’re able to talk about your family, describe your weekend etc. You’re progressing quickly so your motivation is high!

However once you reach the intermediate level, things get messy.

You know how to build basic sentences, but whenever you try to say something slightly more complex, you find yourself trapped in a minefield of errors.

You see those “en“, “dont” and “y” everywhere, but you don’t know how to use them.

There are so many tenses that you start to believe French people live in a different time dimension.

But the worst part is that you have no idea what you should learn next

Salut, c'est Hugo !

For seven years, I’ve been helping intermediate French learners become confident French speakers.

I started my career at the French Institute in Warsaw, Poland, and decided to learn Polish to better understand my students.

But just like them, I ended up getting stuck at the intermediate plateau. I knew all the grammar rules and enough vocabulary, yet I couldn’t use the language to have meaningful conversations.

Everything changed when I discovered a Polish podcaster named Piotr. Instead of teaching grammar, Piotr was simply talking about interesting topics in an easy way so that listeners could learn the language naturally.

After listening to him for just a few months, I realized I was finally able to understand Polish people and talk to them with confidence.

That experience was so eye-opening that I decided to create my own podcast to teach French through topics that matter.

Today the innerFrench podcast has over 10 million downloads and it has helped tens of thousands of French learners.

How is this course different
from the podcast?

After some time, listeners told me they enjoyed the podcast but they had questions about grammar and vocabulary that I wasn’t able to address, both because the podcast wasn’t the right format and I didn’t have enough time to reply to all of them.

It took me months to figure out a way to teach grammar without giving up on what made innerFrench different in the first place.

I finally found the right formula: a mix of interesting topics, grammar in context and fun exercises to practice. And, most importantly, a clear roadmap to go from intermediate to advanced.

The Build a Strong Core course was born!

Nicole Hagg

Nicole, United States

“Like a magician, Hugo read my mind and created the course I was looking for!”

“I’ve been studying French for a number of years: in high school, in adult classes or with some independent programs… During these years, I always had questions!

I wanted to find a course that could answer my very specific questions. I would like to say that I know enough French, but apparently not enough.”

Why learn French
with this course?


A clear roadmap to finally overcome the intermediate plateau


Daily lessons so you don't waste time looking for what to study next


Fun quizzes, exercises and interactive activities to develop your skills


Fascinating stories about the French society and French-speaking world

Grammar lessons to avoid common mistakes made at the intermediate level


Patient teachers who will answer all your questions*

*related to French 😉

Build a Strong Core is designed to help you make learning French a habit

But you don’t have to complete a lesson everyday.  The course is self-paced so you can take as much time as you need to finish it.

What does a lesson
look like?

In every lesson, you will find different activities to develop the skills you need to move to the advanced level:

• A story about the French-speaking world to learn some interesting facts and new vocabulary in context.

• A grammar section to address the most common mistakes made by intermediate learners and how to fix them.

• A phonetics section to understand the pronunciation differences between formal and informal French.

• Interactive exercises to test yourself and make sure that you understood everything.

Nare Krmoyan

Nare, Armenia

“The program was very well-structured and easy-to-follow.”

“It contained various nuanced points on grammar that other courses/books usually disregard, but that commonly cause mistakes among not only beginner but also intermediate level learners.

I especially appreciated the little shortcuts for remembering some tricky little grammar points easily (e.g. genders, prepositions, pronouns, etc.). The downloadable cheat sheets were super helpful as well.

As for the content, it was very interesting and original. I would be glad to consume it even if I weren’t learning French!”

A glimpse of what you'll learn
in the course

• Why French people speak so fast, and what strategies you can implement to better understand them.

• How to overcome your fear of speaking French and improve your pronunciation.

• The most efficient ways to study grammar and memorize vocabulary.

• Three paradoxes about the French that they’re not even aware of.

• Why they were ranked as the most pessimistic people in the world

• How to use que, qui, dont, to stop sounding like a robot.

When to pronounce the “s” in “plus“.

• Why some French regions want to become independent.

• Why Paris could look like an urban jungle in 2050.

• Why some French suburbs are seen as powder kegs.

•  How to finally nail “en” and “y” .

• Why Africa is becoming the epicenter of the French-speaking world.

• Why l’Académie française sees the feminization of the names of professions as a mortal danger.

• How to master the dreaded subjunctive.

•  When to use “à” or “de” after a verb.

... and a lot more !


Christina, Australia

“Having completed the 4-week course, I know I have much to gain by going through the materials a second and third time.”

“Since retiring I have been trying to resurrect the French I knew at school. I have found lots of resources online and elsewhere, but InnerFrench has been quite different.

The materials were varied and interesting, Hugo’s video lessons were clearly spoken, and the explanations of grammar and common errors cleared up several things I was confused about.

Hugo also explained the reasons for some of my frustrations and how to deal with them, such as why ‘normal’ spoken French is still so hard to follow in spite of all I have learned.”

Is this course
for you?

✅ Yes if...

  • You’re at a lower intermediate level (end of A2 – B1 on the CEFR scale).

  • You can understand the first episodes of the innerFrench podcast without too much trouble (with or without the transcripts).

⛔️ No if...

  • You’re at an advanced level (B2 or above on the CEFR scale).

  • You find the innerFrench podcast too easy/slow.

  • You don’t want to practice grammar.

What's inside
the course

Lifetime Access

Use the course for ever + get all the future updates

30 Lessons
+ Bonuses

Fascinating stories with a sprinkle of grammar

7 Hours of Video

+ downloadable MP3 files and transcriptions

Over 120 exercises

Quizzes to practice and track your progress

Jessica Lee

Jessica, Hong Kong

“I’m glad I bought this course and I think the price is very reasonable!”

Not only did I learn the grammar rules and vocabulary, but I also found ways to continue my learning, such as: a website to practice writing, another to find a conversation partner, etc.

I know that I still make grammatical mistakes, but at least I have already written 22 journal entries thanks to this program and I have been speaking French regularly for six months. I was dreaming of such progress!

Lifetime Access
One-time payment of 149€

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the course, let us know within 30 days and you’ll get your payment back, no questions asked.

Your future

Gravatar 2020


I’ve been teaching French since 2015, first at the Institut français in Warsaw, Poland, then online by creating the innerFrench Podcast and YouTube channel.

Anna 2020


I completed my Master’s Degree with a double specialization in French didactics and literature, then taught in several language schools before joining the innerFrench team in 2020.

Anne Weitzdörfer

Anne, Allemagne

“I had a series of questions before I started and I’m very, very happy because they were all answered.”

“Thank you so much Hugo and Anna for the energy and love you put into developing this exceptional course. The topics were exactly at my level and you explained everything in a structured, clear and simple manner. I can’t wait to start “Tell your story” and learn more!”

Why this program is different
from other French online courses

The Build a Strong Core program doesn’t promise to make you fluent in 3 months. Instead, it will help you make a bit of progress every day and feel more confident as you practice your French

It is also designed to help you make learning French a daily habit and build your own routine—a routine that you will stick with long after you complete the course. Because at the end of the day, this new habit will be the key to helping you reach fluency.

Contrary to most online courses, this program is built around the content, not the grammar.

Instead of reading dialogues about Jean-Pierre’s thrilling adventure at the bakery, we will cover interesting topics related to French people, their society, and the rest of the French-speaking world. If you like what I talk about on the innerFrench Podcast, then you’re going to love these lessons.


Jon, United States

“This is a wonderful program with fun, engaging content and a very effective design that’s really helped me make progress in French.”

“The lessons are full of helpful learning strategies and interesting explorations of French life and culture, and Hugo is great at making complex grammar easy to understand and calling attention to important nuances in the way people actually speak.

The course is designed so that all of these elements fit together and reinforce one another, within each lesson and as you progress.

As on the podcast, Hugo’s tone is warm, personable, and encouraging, which makes doing the lessons a genuine pleasure. I’ve really enjoyed the program and learned a lot!”

Train your ear

Since you probably understand me pretty well at this stage, it’s important to get used to different accents.

That’s why we’ll also work with videos made for native speakers. But don’t panic: I’ll be there to help you along the way.

Thanks to these exercises, not only will you get a better grasp of spoken French but you will also discover some fascinating speakers

Piers Vaughan

Piers, United States

“I really enjoyed the mix of facts and grammar, and the use of multiple media.”

“Thanks to Hugo, I have regained my confidence, I’ve found a nice teacher from the north of France on iTalki, and next month, I’m going to take the B1 exam!

I’m 64 years old, so another advantage is avoiding Alzheimer’s disease (haha!). Finally, I’ve gotten over my fear of speaking and have also started attending conversation groups.

I can say without hesitation that all this is thanks to Hugo!”

Frequently Asked

My courses go a lot more in depth than my free content. They are designed to get one big step closer to the advanced level so the lessons are organized with a clear progression, targeted grammar sections and plenty of activities to practice.

The program is designed for lower-intermediate students (between upper A2 and B1 on the CEFR scale). As a rule of thumb, if the first 40 episodes of the innerFrench Podcast are at the right level for you, then this program will be the right level, too. To get a better idea of the difficulty, you can watch an excerpt from a lesson here.

You’ll get access to your first lesson as soon as you sign up. Then you can go through the lessons at your own pace and take as long as you need to complete the program.

Unfortunately no as it would mess up the onboarding process. But you can try the course for 30 days and ask for a full refund if you don’t like it.

The program is entirely in French, just like my podcast and videos. Translations are provided in the transcriptions for tricky words and expressions, but the lessons and the grammar explanations are in French. I break things down into digestible pieces to make sure you get everything.

As a teacher, my goal is to see my students make actual progress. So if you don’t get results after joining the program, I offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

You can access the course on your laptop, smartphone or tablet, as long as you have an internet connection.

If you have a question related to this program, feel free to write to me at: hugo@innerfrench.com. Merci!

No, it doesn’t. The lessons are recorded. But Anna and I will be available to answer all your questions during the course.


Neringa, Lithuania

“I liked absolutely everything about the course!”

“Being a language teacher myself, I know how important it is to improve as many skills as possible (which I did have a chance to do).

It has always been a pleasure to listen to Hugo and watch every lesson. This way a student can bond with the teacher and I’m sure it makes him or her inspired and motivated (at least that’s what has motivated and inspired me during the 3 months of ‘the French journey’ 🙂

What I appreciate most about this course, though, is a certain attitude: being passionate about what you do. I strongly agree that discovering the pleasure of learning and curiosity are the main keys to successful learning. With Hugo’s material and attitude, it’s a piece of cake!”

Course syllabus

Contenu Cours

Tout Afficher
Bienvenue !
Semaine 1 – Apprendre à apprendre
Semaine 2 – La société française
Semaine 3 – La France et ses régions
Semaine 4 – Le monde francophone
Gordon Smeby

Gordon, Canada

“I have tried and purchased most of the main French online programs and see that this course is by far the most inspirational, detailed, clear, and the best value.”

“What I really liked is Hugo’s encouragement and honesty about acquiring the language. I appreciate his sense of humor, personal stories and opinions, and his deep thoughts about a variety of topics. Also the obvious amount of work and resources and attention to details he has provided.”

Learning French is a Fantastic Adventure

But it’s also a long journey that can feel overwhelming sometimes.

This course will be your roadmap to move past the intermediate plateau and feel more confident in French.

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